LegoWorld 2019

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LegoWorld 2019 was the second time LLMTC displayed a layout at LegoWorld. This was our biggist layout yet. LegoWorld is an 8-day event (9 if you include the pre-show set-up day) and is held annually during the Dutch autumn break. The event is the biggest Lego event here in The Netherlands and attracts around 100.000 visitors every year. The event is held in Utrecht and is thereby located in the center of the Netherlands.

Those 8 days ask a lot of our trains, and since the layout is a rather big one and the trains run for multiple hours straight, it asks a lot of our models. They tend to break down every now and then, but also batteries need to be charged. Due to the huge amount of young visitors, we want to have at least 2 trains running at any point, so this event not only ask a lot our trains but also a lot of us.

The main station of the layout, built by Tijn.

The team this year was made up by 6 people: RaisedUrbanErwinTijnGijsEsran and Enrico. We each contributed a different part of the layout. The alyout consisted of a North section with a typical flat landscape, a East section with Bahnbetriebswerk. A South section with the main station and city and a West section with a railway yard.

To read more about this event, check out the BMR article Raised wrote about the event. And the Flickr group where all the pictures we took of the event are grouped. 

A overview of the Bahnbetriebswerk Neukirche.
The yard packed with models, ready for the turn on the layout.

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