Arnhemworld 2022

Autumn break, mid October, usually that meant the highlight of the LEGO event calender of the year. LEGOWorld Utrecht, we’ve participated in the event in the past, both as LLMTC (2018 and 2019) and even before the birth of the LLMTC. Sadly the event is no more as a victim of a changing business model from TLC (The LEGO Company). To still be able to play with trains, we decided to organise our own get togheter.

The “official” event brick as designed by Raised

We decided to keep it simple, as later turned out, that did not work out. The more the preparations rolled out, the more complicated the ideas got. In the end NicolasTBX (our French friend) and Nick Kleinfelder (one of the Noppenbahner) joined as well with a massive yard and level crossing respectively.

Bluebrixxworld arnhem 2022 LLMTC layout
The layout plan

Well, that’s enough talking, here are some pictures:

LLMTC Arnhem meeting
Urbanerwin’s Plan V meets Raised’s NS1847
Lego Roundhouse in the early morning.
Enrico’s roundhouse filled with engines from various participants
NS 1847 with Heineken Promo Beercrates
Raised’s 1847 with Heineken/LLMTC promotional train
LLMTC meeting Arnhem
Ties’ NCS train passing his moor section of the layout
LLMTC meeting Arnhem
Pieter Post’s station seeing some heavy traffic
LLMTC Arnhem meeting
Various from Urbanerwin at his yard
LLMTC meeting Arnhem
Urbanerwin’s and Ties’ their classic trains
ArnhemWorld 2022
NicolasTBX’ his TRAXX cargo train with Zags wagons
ArnhemWorld 2022
NicolasTBX’ his container train
Prussian P8 traversing the heath
Pieter Post’s Prussian P8

We also had the opportunity to make some pictures at night

LLMTC meeting Arnhem
Alois’ his amazing cathedral
I mean, look at it, amazing!
Another Show, another full roundhouse
Enrico’s roundhouse looks like a proper Christmas tree

But what are trains without a video showcasing them all: